steven (dremos_was1) wrote in you_been_wasted,

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This is amazing

It's amazing how pathetic people can be I mean you guys don't know the meaning of drug use I mean a whole bottle of wine by your self... no! not a whole bottle. Drink a 5th of Vodka before school for 2 weeks straight then talk. I have had to ditch larger amounts of harder drugs than you guys have ever done in your using career.

That and as for the picture with the rolled up dollar bill and the Nitro To go pills, if you are going to put something in your body that will show up on a drug test why not just for the hell of it do the real thing. The only thing sadder than the amount of drugs I have done Is this group of people who claim to "use" yet do nothing more than char some plant or drink moldy grain juice.

As for your lives being messed up and twisted, I'd place my bet that I know people who are younger that have spilled more in 3 months than any of the posers in this D.A.R.E community.
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